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Great Salt Lake Minerals uses the natural richness of the Great Salt Lake to refine the vital nutrients that crops, orchards, ornamentals and turf need for health and growth.

Using a natural solar evaporation process, GSLM is the largest producer of Sulfate of Potash (SOP) in North America, and the producer of Chlori-Mag®, a magnesium chloride source.

GSLM is an indispensable resource of fertility knowledge for growers dedicated to improving the health of their operation.

A Premier Potassium Source for Unparalleled Fertility Management

Elite Fertility Products for Optimized Yield

Nourishing Resilient, High-Performing Turf

Maximizing Yield with a High-quality Chloride Source

Organic Grade Fertilizers for High-quality Produce

Sulfate of Potash

health plants SOP is a high-analysis, dual nutrient providing potassium and sulfate sulfur. Learn how SOP can increase quality and yield. 

Innovations in SOP

innovations in SOP A new era of SOP Innovation is upon us. Learn more.

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